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Certified QuickBooks

Client Testimonials

I would like to take this opportunity to provide a formal recommendation for William (Bill) Wagner. As our Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor I can assure you that he would be an asset to your company for establishing QuickBooks and providing related training.

Tax Advisory practice
Victoria, BC
Bill joined our organization and immediately demonstrated an incredible initiative and strong dedication. His work history and knowledge of detailed accounting and financial processes were beyond what we required and we were fortunate to attract such an individual to our company.

His enthusiasm and dedication were both inspiring and motivating to myself as well as our employees. As part of the executive management team, Bill has worked hard to build authentic relationships with all of our employees.

Consumer products distributor
Victoria, BC

Personally, I found Bill to be self-motivated, initiating the development of new financial reports as well as restructuring existing reporting, including the practice’s first formal business plan, long- and short-term cash flow statements and project costing reports.

While Bill is fiscally responsible, he consistently showed an appreciation for my overall corporate vision. His loyalty, integrity and trustworthiness are unquestionable.

Large architectural practice
Southport, Australia

This is a strong and positive letter of recommendation for William L. Wagner, consultant, confidant, financial analyst, accountant and man of unassailable integrity.

Management consulting practice
Newport Beach, California
I believe this training strongly enhanced our overall sales and marketing efforts. Your ability to apply real world examples to the discussion added another dimension to our understanding of the marketing material. A side benefit to the training is that our group became a more cohesive unit too!

Vocational services company
Irvine, California
I have had the pleasure of knowing Bill Wagner for the past 14 years. For the last 10 years, he has served as our accountant. I have been extremely pleased with the quality of his work.

He has always been very patient and helpful in explaining our financial statements. His recommendations have been a great asset to our clinic and have served us very well.

Physical Therapy clinic
Edmonton, AB

We found Bill to be very flexible and a good team player. He worked well with other teachers and was always ready to help students or staff. He has a very pleasant manner and a good sense of humour which helped him to quickly develop rapport with his students and staff.

He is energetic, relaxed and playful all the while ensuring that his students learned their material. He has proven that he possesses good conflict resolution skills.

National college campus
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

We originally hired Bill to conduct some strategic planning sessions and to complete a business plan. We found that Bill and his associates did an outstanding job and we decided to keep him on a retainer.

One of the areas I found Bill to be very helpful was on dealing with employee issues. He has helped in hiring staff and dealing with performance issues.

He has been instrumental in establishing organizational structure and job descriptions. He also has a very strong financial background and he thoroughly enjoys this side of the business.

Supplier of medical supplies
Calgary, AB